How To Create a Sticky note on Google Chrome

With the help of the extension OurStickys you are able to add Sticky notes to any of the pages that you visit. Then, each time you access the same web page again, you can re-view them in a quick and direct way. Find out how.

Google Chrome
Setup Time:
5 minutes

1: Install the extension OurStickys

Thanks to the extension that you are about to download in the Chrome browser, you will be able to add sticky notes in any web pages. Later, each time you visit these pages, you can find those Stickys waiting for you.

To install the extension, open Google Chrome and access the Chrome Web Store. From there, start searching for the extension OurStickys by typing its name in the search engine.

Search Extension

Just press the Enter key, you will get the matches on the right side of the screen.


Click the button on the right labeled Add to Chrome and, when you receive the installation confirmation message, continue clicking the Add button. In a few moments, OurStickys will be installed in your browser. The little icon of a notebook represents it.


2: Use OurStickys

Before starting to use the extension in Chrome, you must first access that web page where you want to add you personal Sticky note.


Then right click anywhere on the page and then choose "Add Sticky".

Add Sticky

A new Sticky note will appear on the page.

New Sticky

Then start writing your Sticky Note. Remember, the note will automatically save as you are typing.

Filled Sticky

Where you come back to the page, the note will be there waiting for you. You can even move, resize, minimize, and personalize the Sticky to fit your needs.

Filled Sticky

3: Notes Management

It is possible to view all the Stickys that you have left around the web, from any page (it does not have to be one that contains a note), click on the OurStickys icon (the small notepad icon). A list of all the Stickys and their corresponding page and tags will be displayed. The popup window that appears also includes login buttons in case you want to store them in the cloud.


Remember that every time you open one of the pages where you have included an annotation (even in another session with the system), the icon in the upper right corner will show a number that indicates the number of Stickys for that page.

Icon With Stickys

And if you cannot find the sticky on the page, clicking on the placeholder located on the right of the page will help you find it.

Stickys Placeholder