tired of sticky notes laying around?looking for a way to have your notes stick to a specific location on a page?


Add Persistent Sticky Notes anywhere on any webpage, they will reappear when you re-open the page

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This is how can OurStickys help you with your daily work

Easy to use

Right click anywhere on any webpage to add a Sticky

Sync between computers

You will be able to see all the changes that you do to your Stickys in real time on all the computers that share the same Sticky

Share with others

OurStickys provides two different ways to share your Sticky notes, by knowing their email address or by giving your friends and family the channel's code.

and much, much more

A few of the features: Personalize the colors, Personalize the font size, Characters and Words count, Create TO-DO lists or Autoformat JSON, Set expiration date, Stick to page or path or domain or to all the open tabs, Add Tags to each Sticky, Add a Sticky to a channel for easy sharing, Share with anyone you want if you have their email address Pin to a page to ignore its scrolling, Move the Sticky anywhere you want, Resize the Sticky to any size you wish, Minimize the Sticky when needed, See a pointer on the page for easy identification of the sticky's location See all your stickys in one easy to use list, ...and much more to come

This is Why You Will
Love Ourstickys

  • Show and hide channel
  • Easy search using the tag system
  • Various method to stick a note to the webpage
  • ... and much more